INTERLIGHT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (ITPL) is a leading manufacturer of energy storage and solar solutions. Among the wide range of product segmentation, INTERLIGHT offers various products in batteries like Tall Tubular Batteries, Solar Batteries, Batteries for E-rickshaw, and Automotive Batteries. The Batteries that we offer range from 35Ah to 270Ah. A fully Automatic Heat-sealing Machine is designed to seal the lids to the battery container. A reliable heating system, precise box positioning, depth of melting and compression rate adjustments permit consistent and high-quality seal. All the machine positional settings, temperatures and times are stored safely and can be accessed from the recipe recall functions. Efficient Production and High Productivity Up to 3 Batteries / Minute and High Standards for Health, Safety and Environment. The automatic Leak Testing machine is designed to test all types of automotive and industrial batteries, made of hard rubber or polypropylene, to ensure no air leakage, either on the external or inter-cell walls. During the paste-mixing process, lead oxide, water, acid, and other chemicals are blended in the mixer to form a thick paste. It is the most important process in battery manufacturing and highly affects the quality and life of the battery. The paste-mixing machine is automatic and PLC-controlled. The Pasting Machine is designed for all kinds of battery plates with high machine running performance and productivity, It provides optimized paste consumption. With the help of a vacuum grid feeder, a pneumatic lift system and adjustable trowel rollers reach maximum production capacity.